The web site is now restored to full health!

We apologize for earlier service outages and other problems with this website.

We constructed our web site using the WordPress content management system.  We initially hosted the web site with,  but soon after the web site became operational, we faced a number of reliability and compatibility issues with the iPage servers.  These problems meant that we could not continue operating this site on the iPage servers, and we have just completed relocating the web site to a new hosting company,, with servers in Europe.  The web site is now working perfectly on the A2Hosting servers.

What were the problems with the iPage servers?

Firstly, mod-rewrite support for WordPress permalinks was not working properly on the iPage virtual servers.  This led to broken page links when navigating our site, generating “404 page not found” errors on a seemingly random basis.  iPage support engineers were unable to fix this problem on their servers, even when presented with proof that their implementation of mod-rewrite was at fault.

Secondly, the jpegtran and optipng Apache operating system modules were missing completely from the iPage servers.  This meant that our WordPress image compression plugins were not working, leading to extremely slow page load times.  iPage support engineers informed us that they were unwilling to fix these shortcomings.

We have suggested to iPage that they attend to these matters for any future customers wishing to host WordPress web sites with them.

Why did we choose A2Hosting as our new web site hosting company?

We corresponded with several developers of WordPress web sites and WordPress plugins, and we asked for their recommendations for web hosting companies who provided a full and reliable service for WordPress web sites.  We specifically checked for full support for mod-rewrite, jpegtran and optipng on the web servers.  Top of the list of recommendations was A2Hosting.

The support engineers Joel and Josh at A2Hosting offered to do all the work free of charge to migrate our website from the iPage servers and on to the A2Hosting web servers.   They were expert in WordPress and we thank them for their help and their patience and perseverance with us during the migration period.

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