Our Team

Board Members

  • Kostaq Xuxi  is Chairman of the board.  He is an Elder of Delvinë Reformed Church.  He was trained as a teacher and is the Director of Schools in the Vergo area. Kostaq was one of the first Christians in Delvinë area and has provided strong support for planting the Christian church there.
  • Merita Meko is the board Member in charge of Finances.  Merita worked for 18 years as the Finance Manager for the Albanian Encouragement Project (AEP) which is an umbrella organisation for all Christian charities in Albania.
  • Ilirian Alikaj is the board Member in charge of Human Resources and Administration.  Ilirian is an Elder in the Baptist church of Sarandë, and is a lecturer at the University of Sarandë, teaching foreign languages including English.
  • Pranvera Tatari  is the Secretary to the board.  He is a member of the Evangelical church of Sarandë.

Management Team

  • Ibrahim Bajrami is the Executive Director.  He is qualified as an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Surgeon. Ibrahim joined as full time Director in 2008 after being “recruited” to the role by a Pastor of the Evangelical church.
  • Stefan Kocaqi is Project Manager of special projects.  He was a founding member of the Lidia Foundation.  He trained as a teacher of chemistry, and is one of the education leaders in the Sarandë area. Stefan is an Elder in the Evangelical church of Sarandë.
  • Blerina Hida  is Finance Manager and Co-ordinator of projects for the disabled.
  • Esmeralda Isufi is a  Teacher with Lidia Foundation.  She is Co-ordinator of Homework and ABC teaching projects.  For 11 years she was in charge of the Sarandë Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Web Site Admin

  • Robert Sherratt is Web Site Administrator.  He is a volunteer worker from the UK, currently living in Sarandë.  For the previous 8 years, Rob has been a member of the church council of Holy Trinity Church (HTC) in Corfu Greece, and accompanist for church services at HTC. Rob has 37 years experience in engineering and computing, and works in his paid job as a technical expert on intellectual property (patents).

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