How to donate

Please click this button to donate using your PayPal account.  You can specify any amount you wish.  In most countries, donations to a registered charity are exempt of income tax.  You will receive a personal email from the Director of Lidia Foundation including a receipt for your donation which you may use for tax declaration purposes.


If you do not have a PayPal account and your donation will be above 100 Euros, then please send an email to  and we will reply with our bank account details so you may proceed with an intra-bank transfer.  We regret that we cannot accept donations by bank transfer for less than €100 due to intra-bank charges.

How are donations currently used?

Your support of this work among Albania’s poor and homeless communities will be much appreciated.  We receive between €120,000 and €160,000 in donations each year currently.  100% of the money you give is used by the Lidia Foundation to provide education, health care, food and clothing for children from different underprivileged communities.

We currently prioritise for disabled children where there is insufficient income to provide development support.  There is an opportunity to broaden our remit to assist underprivileged children with other learning difficulties, but we need to raise funds to assist those children who are disabled first.

To provide development support for a disabled child costs €37 per month.  We currently have funding to support around 360 children each year.

If increased funding becomes available, what would be your next steps?

  • If financial resources increased by another €50,000 per year, then with the infrastructure we already have in place, we could provide training for 7 more teachers and provide open development therapy for another 15-30 children in Tepelenë, Gjirokaster, Burrel and Bulqizë areas.  These children have similar difficulties to those we currently serve in Sarandë and Delvine.  We would also like to start a day care centre for paralysed children in Sarandë.
  • We would like to start a homework class project for another 60-80 Romani children in the area of Cukë, Sarandë.  We are currently providing  ABC (nursery education) classes to 24 children there.
  • If significant extra funding was available, say over €100,000 per year, then we could become effective nationally.  We would build new facilities and classrooms and recruit and train more teachers and therapists.
  • We would focus in areas where we have trusted partners who have a good management team. We could grow our capabilities by about 50% each year for 4 years in order reach a level of expertise and good management for the disabled children who live in rural and mountainous areas.





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