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Director of Lidia Foundation in Sarande, Albania

Recent Pictures

We know how everyone wants to see what we’ve been getting up to, so we’ve added a browser for “Recent Pictures” on the right hand side of the web site.  This capability was a “plug in” addition to the web site with over 12 million other web sites using it, so we did not expect it would cause a problem.  However after installing the “plug in” the web site crashed and was off line for 15 minutes.

Our site is hosted by, and we asked them for help.  Within 10 minutes iPage had identified and fixed the problem.  It was actually not the fault of the new “plug in”, but the web server had run out of virtual memory, triggered by the additional memory demand of the graphic-intensive “plug in”.  Anyway, iPage have quadrupled the amount of virtual memory allocated to our web site.  So we are “virtually” back on line again now!

Summer Camp 2015

In June and July 2015 we will be organizing summer camps for young people from all communities in Albania.  Our purpose is to encourage children to “have fun” while developing friendships that span cultural divides between different ethnic groups in Albania.

Lidia Foundation Summer Camp

We will add more information soon, including the dates and programme of activities.


Help request – language translations

We ask people from the international community to help us with translations into your language. The automatic translations performed by our web site are not perfect!

If you have an Amazon, or a Facebook or Google account, please click the “a”, “f” or “g” login buttons and this will automatically create an account for you on this web site and will log you in with some editing privileges. Then choose your language from the drop down box, and you will be able to edit and correct any of the translations on any of the web site pages. Please also leave a comment on the web site telling us you have helped us in this way.